Thursday, 17 September 2015

CRB International Dialogue Forum and Conference 2015 : India and Sustainability Standards

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  1.  “I have a point of context for you: India, like other economies is moving to a 'Make in India' mode where innovations in business models, costs and processes become the fulcrum around which this would revolve. This requires a new kind of 'initiative' driven energy.  The other whole change is coming on the motivation front. When I meet hundreds of business school youth, they tell me about self-employment, mostly expressed as the craze of start-ups! This means students are showing a voluntary or enterpreneurial spirit rather than seeking more established jobs. The Indian government has dismantled the centrally run Planning Commission to a more participatory and market driven decentralised development model.
    This is changing the profile of "practice and rules of the game". So the question I have in mind over this point is: What will be the emerging scenario for mandatory versus voluntary codes or standards or systems?

    Ultimately, inner drivers like initiatives, self-motivation, innovation in process and incentives and so on are all coming from an "internal and proactive locus of control". What new dimensions will come about in the world of law or codes or standards that now fundamentally rooted in a strong "external" factor? What is the new paradigm of behavioural change where the culture of commitment must become more important than that of compliance!?”

    - Anant Nadkarni